Snowmobile Trail Grant Info

Each year, the Sno Barons set aside a portion of the profits from the September Haydays Event and give it back to the snowmobiling community. Grants are used to support trail development and improvements. Grants generally range from $150 to $1500. The average grant is just under $1,000, and is generally used for trail expansion, re-routing, bridge work, fencing and signage. While there is always a need for more money than is available, the Sno Barons recognize the need for trail expansion and favor those applications as well as first time applicants. Applications are available online and should be submitted by November 1st.

Please note that priority for funding is given to new trail development and/or improvements to existing trails (such as bridge replacement, trail widening, signage, fencing, etc.) as well as to clubs and trail associations that have not received funds in the past.


Club Name: ___________________________________________________________

Contact Person: ________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________


Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Number of Members: ______________ Miles of Grant in Aid Trails: ________________

Affiliated with MNUSA: ___________________________________________________ (Required and verified) Please describe the purpose for which you are requesting funds and how our donation would be spent: (Use back of form if needed) _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________


Total Cost of the project: _________________________________________________

Amount you are requesting from us: ________________________________________


The amount of funding available is based solely on how profitable Haydays is.

The initial deadline to apply is November 6th each year. Applications received after that date will be considered if funds are available.

Questions? Email:

Please submit to:

Sno Barons Snowmobile Club

c/o Ed Clark, Trail Grants

P.O. Box 49335

Blaine, MN 55449