Membership in the club is open to anyone interested in snowmobiling. They must be 18 years of age or older and of good character. New members are invited to join only if recommended by a present member with ongoing membership of at least one year and in good standing.  All must submit their application in person and be present at a meeting for introduction to the other members.

A first year member shall serve on a committee.

Dues paying memberships in the club shall be limited to a total of 120 members.

Lifetime members are in addition to the 120 member cap.

In the event that the limit of 120 dues paying members is reached, a waiting list will be created. Upon this occurrence, present members may only recommend two new members for this list each year.

Must attend a minimum of six general meetings per year. Members who miss a club meeting due to authorized club business will receive credit for attending the missed meeting.

All members will also be members of MNUSA


Work with your club sponsor for an application.